What is the features of constant temperature heat pump?

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In the hot summer, people like to find some ways to cool down. And the swimming pool has become a major place to cool down, and more and more people are upset because they can't find a good pool site. Xiaobian here to tell you, swimming pool thermostatic pump can be constant temperature, swimming pool water temperature makes the swimmer feel more comfortable.


Pool Heat Pump


In the swimming pool thermostatic pump products, the most popular is undoubtedly frequency conversion pool heat pump, then what are the characteristics of swimming pool thermostatic pump? Here's a few simple points:

1. unit specification is comprehensive, applicable to swimming pools of all sizes.

2. High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, energy efficiency up to 16.

3. hydropower is completely separated, no burning, no leakage, leakage, pollution and other risks, it can be described as the best choice for safety and environmental protection.

4. the design of beautiful appearance, small space occupation, easy installation.


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