What is the advantage of air-source Heating equipment?

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First of all, familiar with the high temperature heat pump dryer, in which the heat pump is essentially a heat lifting device, from the surrounding environment to absorb heat, you can heat directly to the heated items. The first evaporation and then releases heat compression and condensation end throttling thermal cycle process re evaporation, thus the external environment of low temperature heat transferred to the drying room, the refrigerant in the compressor system under the action of internal circulating flow.

High temperature heat pump dryer

High temperature heat pump dryer mainly consists of four parts: condenser, expansion valve, compressor, evaporator. The heating efficiency is higher than the general heating equipment, and can save energy, and is also one of the environmental protection equipment, reducing the emission of polluting gases. According to the principle, the indoor temperature in summer is high, the absorption of heat is quick, and the efficiency of the heat pump drying equipment is also very fast. Compared with winter, the efficiency is lower than summer.


Working principle of high temperature drying heat pump:



High temperature heat pump dryer



What are the main characteristics of high temperature heat pump dryer?



1, environmental protection and energy saving, to absorb the heat in the air for recycling, closed thermal cycle, to avoid dust, odor with waste gas discharged into the environment and pollution.



2 、 temperature and humidity can be intelligently controlled, and the thermal function is good. The evaporation temperature and the condensing temperature of the working medium in the evaporator and condenser can be adjusted to meet the requirements of material confrontation, structure and appearance.



3, to apply a wide range of products, such as tobacco products, seafood products, meat products, wood drying.


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