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By the China ten brand network, A Well-Known Trademark in China network, this news, business times, Chinese international brand association jointly organized the China air to the ten leading brand contest recently grand master. It is understood that the main event is to guide the consumer brand, together to create brand integrity "for the purpose, in line with the principle of production management, dynamic open transparent, all the important criterion to reflect the objectivity and accuracy of the ten brands is not truly competitions, not selection, not recognition, not certification, but not for ranking, but the majority of the user experience is the true result.

Guangzhou Zealux electrical equipment Co. Ltd. (trademark: Zealux) is located in the China air to the ten leading brands in fifth, Guangzhou Zealux electrical equipment limited company dedicated to new energy technology, energy saving, environmental protection for the enterprise's development direction. Since 1999, the company has developed into a comprehensive and well-known enterprise in the energy field including heat pump, solar energy, geothermal energy, product development, production and global market. As one of the outstanding representatives of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, along with "professional development, production scale, management system, market globalization, collectivization, intensive operation, modern means, work fine, humanity culture" enterprise development mode. Group has a modern factory building, a variety of professional laboratories and a number of sets of advanced production equipment, has now developed and produced "Zealux" independent brands of a variety of products, trusted by customers and support. The company is committed to the development and production of first-class efficient, environmental protection, safety, energy saving heat pump hot water equipment, and the development and utilization of renewable energy and environmental protection as the enterprise's development goals.

Ten leading brands of air energy in China

The company's products have passed the national scientific and technological achievements identification and quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of quality inspection, and by the Ministry of science and technology as the national science and technology achievements key promotion plan and national key new product plan. At the same time by the Ministry of science and technology designated as the national "efficient heat pump hot water equipment" technology support units.

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